Policías, en el corazón de la calle

Year 2000
End 2003
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Honda FES125 Episode: 1.01

Honda FES125 main character

Honda Reflex I'd say Not Pantheon???

Yes, Honda Pantheon 125.

BMW K75S Episode: 1.04

BMW K75S minor vehicle BMW K75S wiki

K 75 S, si je ne m'abuse.

K75S, indeed....!

Honda CBR600 F-R Episode: 1.06

'94 Honda CBR 600F-R

Yamaha Majesty 250 Episode: 1.06

Yamaha Majesty 250 minor vehicle

BMW K75 It's a younger model than a K75, isn't it?

It's not "BMW K 75" but "1997+ Yamaha Majesty 250". Class is "Bikes,Scooter". http://members.modernvespa.net/scotter/uploads/policia_685.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/billkatygemma/6133648416/

Suzuki DR750 Big Episode: 1.08

Suzuki DR750 Big minor vehicle

Suzuki DR Big???

Mais oui. 750 ou 800, à vérifier.

Moto Vespa Vespa PK Episode: 1.09

Moto Vespa Vespa PK minor vehicle

PK series by Motovespa

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Episode: 1.10

Kawasaki KZ1000 Police minor vehicle



Honda NTV650 Deauville Episode: 1.10

Honda NTV650 Deauville background vehicle

Vous pensez vraiment que cette BMW est une Yamaha? Possibly a Honda Deauville...or ealier Honda NTV 650...?

Honda Deaville, police modified.

Suzuki DR600 Episode: 2.01

Suzuki DR600 minor vehicle

Kawasaki KLR 650

That's actually a Suzuki DR600/650. All had similar headlight, bash plate, front fender. Early KLR600 models didn't have the windscreen, and later KLR model had a full detached fairing. That's a mini DR fairing with a small windscreen.

Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy Episode: 2.01

This is a big late model Harley - one of the FL models - not sure what the naked version is called. The naked big Harley is called the Fat Boy FLSTF. http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/h-d/harley_davidson_flstf_fat_boy%2098.htm I guess this bike would be earlier than the link maybe early '90s?

vu les sacoches en cuir il s'agit d'un Road King Classic 1450 cm3

Honda CBR900 Fireblade Episode: 2.02

Honda CBR900 Fireblade minor vehicle

1999 Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade

Honda CB500 Episode: 2.12

Honda CB500 background vehicle Honda CB500 wiki

Honda CB500S 1997

Suzuki GSX1100 Episode: 2.13

Suzuki GSX1100 background vehicle Suzuki GSX1100 wiki

Could be a hopped up GS 750 The motor looks bulky enough that it might be an 1100.

Cotes extérieures du moteur quasi-identiques. 750 ou 1100 GSX, de 1979.

Suzuki SV650 Episode: 3.03

Suzuki SV650 background vehicle Suzuki SV650 wiki

deleted comment That is a Suzuki SV650... Pre 2003...

indeed... http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Suzuki_SV650_rider_Atlanta_Georgia.jpg

Honda CBR600F Episode: 3.12

Honda CBR600F background vehicle Honda CBR600F wiki

CBR 600?

Yamaha XS400 Episode: 3.13

XS 250 ou 400 would lean towards 1982 XS 250 by color scheme /// decals http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xs250%2082.htm http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xs400r%2084.htm maybe registered in 2000 but built 1982 - 1984 This is a spanish Yamaha XS 400. Not the XS 250 (never sold in Spain).

DOHC version built in Spain in the old Sanglas factory

BMW R65 Episode: 4.05

BMW R65 background vehicle BMW R65 wiki

Derbi Variant Sport 50 Episode: 4.05

It's a Derbi Variant Sport 50.

BMW R1150R Episode: 4.14

BMW R1150R background vehicle BMW R1150R wiki

Piaggio Zip Episode: 4.14

It's a Piaggio ZIP 50.

Suzuki GS500 Episode: 5.02

GS 500 E

Suzuki GSF1200 Episode: 5.03

One of these, I think, - http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gsx1200.htm Depends on the market as to what it was sold as but probably a Bandit 1200.

Honda Vision 75 Episode: 5.10

Honda Vision 75 minor vehicle

Honda Lead? Non, c'est une Tact. Honda Vision SA50J

It's the spanish Honda Vision 75.

Yamaha FZS Fazer Episode: 6.03

Yamaha FZS Fazer minor vehicle

Yamaha FSZ Fazer, engine size unknown (600 or 1000)

Yamaha SR250 Episode: 6.04

Yamaha SR250 background vehicle Yamaha SR250 wiki

Yamaha SR250

The "Special" model.

Yamaha XV1100 Virago Episode: 6.10

Yamaha XV 1100 Venture

It's the Yamaha Virago XV 1100.