One Off

Year 2012
Category Animation Series
Genres Animation

Honda CB1100 Episode: OVA1

Honda CB1100 background vehicle

Ep. OVA3

CB 1100

Honda Little Cub Episode: OVA1

Honda Little Cub minor vehicle

Ep. OVA2/3

Honda Little Cub

Honda Giorno Episode: OVA1+

Honda Giorno main character

Don't forget, kids: "sppeding" is dangerous! agree, already crashed at 0 km/h...

But Spedding is less risky

Honda Benly 50 Episode: OVA2

Honda Benly 50 minor vehicle

Ep. OVA1

Honda Benly 50 (MW 50?)

Honda CR250R Episode: OVA2

Honda CR250R background vehicle Honda CR250R wiki

Probably a CRF 250 L, new model launched in 2012 following on from the CRF 230 L (XR 230 L outside of the US).

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Episode: OVA2

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing background vehicle

GL 1800 Gold Wing

Honda NC700 Episode: OVA2

Honda NC700 background vehicle

NC 700 X

Honda PCX Episode: OVA2

Honda PCX background vehicle Honda PCX wiki

Must be a PCX.

Honda RC42 Episode: OVA2

Honda RC42 background vehicle

Honda CB 750 F2 [RC42]

Honda Shadow 750 Episode: OVA2

Honda Shadow 750 background vehicle

VT 750 Shadow Aero

Honda Forza 300 Episode: OVA3

Honda Forza 300 minor vehicle

It's the Forza 300 for it's windshield design as standard.

Honda NC700 Episode: OVA3

Honda NC700 background vehicle

Honda NC 700 D Integra?

Honda Shadow 750 Episode: OVA3

Honda Shadow 750 minor vehicle

Probably another Honda. Shadow?

Probably, 04-07 Vt 750 Shadow Aero.

Honda CB 750/4 K0 Episode: OVA4

Honda CB 750/4 K0 minor vehicle

Ep. OVA2

69-70 CB 750/4 K0

Honda NPS50 Zoomer Episode: OVA4

Honda NPS50 Zoomer minor vehicle

Ep. OVA1

NPS 50 Zoomer