One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer poster
Year 1986
Minutes 93
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Romance

An aspiring teenage cartoonist and his friends come to the aid of a singer trying to save her family property from developers.

Kawasaki GPZ600

Kawasaki GPZ600 minor vehicle

Kawasaki GPZ??? With that colour scheme I think more likely one of the early Honda CBR models. Non... Effectivement Kawasaki GPZ, 600 ou 750 I wondered why I couldn't get the front fender to match. Here is what it is - a 1985 Kawasaki GPZ600R Ninja.

Yes, Kawasaki GPZ 600R or 500R

Kawasaki KZ550

Kawasaki KZ550 minor vehicle

Z 650 LTD,custom variant of the touristic Z 650

There never was a Z650 LTD, just the D model (SR) or the CSR that had spoked wheels. That bike is a 550 or 750.

Kawasaki LTD

Kawasaki LTD minor vehicle

Kawa LTD

Same bike? /vehicle_115569-Kawasaki-Z-650-LTD.html

Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper

Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper minor vehicle

Honda PS 50???

yamaha QT50 yamahopper / Carrot

Yamaha XJ550RH Seca

Yamaha XJ550RH Seca minor vehicle

I see a 1965 or so Plymouth Valiant in the background. As for the bikes, you're on your own. The one on the right is a Harley. The other three are all Kawasaki 1000s - the middle two are Z1000 LTDs from about 1977. On the left is one of the sporty versions from about the same era The red don't resembles a Z1 R??? That fairing set up is very distinctive but I haven't found a reference to it yet. It maybe aftermarket. The factory ones were much more angular by about 1982. la moto de droite n'est pas une Harley mais peut ĂȘtre une Yamaha Virago

In order from left to right. 1982 Yamaha XJ550RH Seca 550 1981-82 Kawasaki KZ550 LTD 1985-86 Yamaha XJ700 Maxim 1984-85 Yamaha XV700 Virago.

Yamaha XJ700

Honda CM 750 F??? Kawasaki Z 650 LTD ?? One of the same Z1000LTDs seen in another pic.

Now that I see the tank it is a 1985 Yamaha XJ700N Maxim.