On Any Sunday

On Any Sunday poster
Year 1971
Minutes 96
Category Movie
Genres Documentary Sport

Documentary on motorcycle racing featuring stars of the sport, including film star Steve McQueen, a racer in his own right.

Yamaha 175 CT1

Yamaha 175 CT1 background vehicle

1970 Yamaha 175 CT1.

CZ 250

CZ 250 background vehicle CZ 250 wiki

100% a CZ (see logo on tank). But which model?

CZ 250 or 360 Side pipe 1967-9


BSA A65 background vehicle chase minor vehicle BSA A65 wiki

side-car de cross

BSA A65.

Honda CB350

Honda CB350 background vehicle Honda CB350 wiki

La moto bleue à droite

1968-on Honda CB350. He was game, taking on a hillclimb on a basically stock road bike!

Greeves Challenger 360

The motor looks like a two stroke twin and the only one I can think of in a dirt bike of that era is the OSSA Yankee. http://www.yankeetwin.com/ but somehow I don't think this is what it is. The style of paint job looks like Harley-Davidson... It's a Greeves 360 Challenger. Mert Lawwill was a Harley-sponsored rider at the time, so to get the bike on film, he had to put the appropriate decals on his 100% British scrambler! http://motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/classic_bikes/GREEVES_MX4D.jpg

Isn't it high time to acertain this convincing guess?

Montesa Cota 247

Montesa Cota 247 chase minor vehicle

moto de trial (la catégorie n'existe pas) Montesa? bultaco? Montesa Cota. Quant à loa catégorie, elle est à classer dans la catégorie "sport tout-terrain". On avait décidé de la classer là-dedans, histoire d'éviter de passer trop de temps avec des catégories trop précises...

yes, brand new Montesa Cota from '71

Honda CT70

Honda CT70 background vehicle Honda CT70 wiki

1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS in the background. Honda CT70 (1970-1971) for sure Dax en France. Pas aux States? La bas c'était CT 70 Mini Trail, et chez nous (comme en Europe ou au Japon) ST 70 Dax YES, j'ai appris un truc sur les 2 roues à JPLemoine!

Oh bé t'inquiètes point, mon chtit gâs, t'as pas fini eud'm'en appredre... Chuis point omniscient, loin de là!

Yamaha HT-1 Enduro

Yamaha HT-1 Enduro minor vehicle

The only period Yamaha (for the colour) I can find with a single chrome clock is the 1971 HT-1 Enduro

Yamaha JT-1

Yamaha JT-1 background vehicle Yamaha JT-1 wiki

This bike looks to have dics valves so could be a Kawasaki. L'image semble plus nette

Yamaha JT-1

Honda Monkey Z50

Honda Monkey Z50 background vehicle minor vehicle

Looks like one of these wee Hondas. http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Honda_Z50A

Vincent Rapide Dragster

Vincent Rapide Dragster minor vehicle

Dragster this is the barnjob owner clem johnson driven by jim lineweber 1949 vincent A quick Google search reveals his Vincent was a Rapide. It was based off of a 1000 Rapide, but he put a 1600cc engine in it. How should we call it?...1000 Rapide or 1600 Rapide? I'd choose the former as that was actually a production model and then add something like "with 1600cc engine" to extra info.

Do we have to comment at all? It's a home-brewed special that started life as a 1000cc Rapide but evolved over a very long period, the engine wasn't replaced but modified, a Rapide bored to 1600cc is still a Rapide?

DKW Sachs

DKW Sachs minor vehicle

From the Earles-type forks I think this is a DKW Sachs.

Bultaco Sherpa T250

Moto de trial Bultaco Sherpa? SHERPA T 250?

Bultaco Sherpa T 250 Model 49

Honda SL100

1970 Honda SL100. http://cfloryiv.com/toys/honda_sl100.jpg

I am thinking SL 125. Appears to have the larger front tire and dual instruments of the 125.

Suzuki T500

"moto" (si l'on peut dire) pour les records du monde de vitesse Looks rough on the knees, obviously some sort of salt lake racer. I'll drive almost anything, but I have to think twice about this one.. The motor looks like a Suzuki twin - maybe a 1969-70 T500 Cobra.

agree with Suziki T500. In Europe they where called Titan.

Triumph TR 6 C

Triumph TR 6 C minor vehicle
  1. 189 is a Triumph. Hard to be sure exactly which model but it looks like a TR6C.

Ossa unknown

Ossa unknown minor vehicle

Bike on the left is an OSSA

Husqvarna Unknown

Steve McQueen sur sa moto Could be another Husqvarna... Like this one. http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org/classics/bike.asp?id=123 this is probably a CR 250, 360, or 390 or an OR if it is a desert racer.

CR 400

Harley-Davidson WLC

Harley-Davidson sur base WLC (moteur flathead) pour épreuve d'hill-climbing

Hodaka Wombat

  1. 24 is a Hodaka Wombat. #48 is a Yamaha DT1.

Husqvarna WR250

Another Husqvarna.

its actually a WR, they didnt make OR's this early. it could be a 250, 360 or 390

Harley-Davidson XR750

Le champion Mert Lawwill Harley-Davidson XR 750. Note that the bike in the thumb has a front brake - this is the desert racing version. To win the AMA championship in those days the riders had to be good at all three disciplines - desert racing, mile and half mile dirt track and road racing.

nzcarnerd. Only dirt (on four distances) and road. But On Any Sunday treats larger than of only Grand National championship.

Yamaha YR 5350

Yamaha YR 5350 background vehicle

1970 Yamaha DX250 - according to this site http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/Yamaha_dx250%2070.htm Or it might be an RX350. http://home.san.rr.com/fujii/motercycles/old_motercycles/rx350.jpg Being the USA it might be the larger model. This was called a Yamaha R5, I believe. In late 60's thru 70's this two-stroke twin 350 had different model names; R5 thru R5C, then RD350 in 73, RD350A in 74, and on just changing the last letter every year up thru the alphabet. When they became liquid-cooled later, it changed to RZ350.

This is a long shot. And if I'm violating any site regulations here, please advise - I am a member of the Ian Fleming Foundation (www.ianflemingfoundation.org), which maintains an extensive collection of, and archive related to, vehicles used in the James Bond movies. We would very much like to get in touch with poster Jonnyboy, who posted a comment on this page on 2009-05-21, and on the same day posted a comment on the page for the Lincoln Mark VII used in the movie "Licence To Kill". We are trying to track down any of the Lincolns used in that movie. If Jonnyboy happens to read this page, or if anyone knows him and can inform him of this comment, he can contact me at BondVehicle@gmail.com. Alternatively, a comment can perhaps be posted here and we can correspond that way --- I'll be checking this page periodically. Thanks!