Year 1993
End 2005
Minutes 45
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

Yamaha Riva Episode: 01.01

Yamaha Riva 00:14:22 background vehicle

Honda,Suzuki or Yamaha Peugeot, Kawasaki, Laverda, Derbi... La liste est longue et j'ai la flemme de toutes les citer... Honda Lead 80 ou 125... plus sérieusement... 04.21 – Yamaha inscription visible 05.12 /vehicle_211884-Yamaha-Riva.html /vehicle_152709-Yamaha-Riva.html real thing: http://www.thescooterscoop.com/2006/04/01/nypd-scoot/ http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2570/4141140148_82824c2c8e_z.jpg http://legeros.com/photos/ny03/images/pd-scooter.jpg 07.14 07.17


Harley-Davidson Dyna Sport Episode: 01.10

Harley-Davidson Dyna Sport background vehicle

Harley-Davidson. Looks like a Dyna Sport, not sure.

Suzuki GS1000 Episode: 02.06

Suzuki 1000 GSG, vraisemblablement, avec un restant de carénage Vetter...

Harley-Davidson Sportster Episode: 03.02

Harley Davidson Sportster

03.19 (on the right) 11.02

Kawasaki ZR1100A Zephyr Episode: 03.09

Kawasaki ZR1100A Zephyr background vehicle

La rouge: Kawasaki Zephir 1100, et la blanche: Honda 600 Transalp (appellations pour la France...) Yes, the red one might be a Kawasaki Zephyr, but hasn'it exhaust pipe on this side ? Could it have a 4-in-1 aftermarket exhaust ? For the white one the full name is 1987 Honda XL 600 V Transalp.

Aftermarket, aftermarket... et beaucoup moins cher que le 4 en 2 d'origine...

Harley-Davidson FXR Episode: 03.19

Harley Davidson


Honda CB750 Episode: 04.13

Honda CB750 background vehicle Honda CB750 wiki

Honda CB 750 F ?

Assez vraisemblable...

Suzuki GSF600 Episode: 04.13

Suzuki GSF600 background vehicle Suzuki GSF600 wiki

Suauki GSF 1200 Bandit It is not a 1200. Look at the disk brake. This is a 1997-1999 Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit.

A côté d'une Honda 750 VF-F...

Honda VF500F Interceptor Episode: 04.13

Honda VF500F Interceptor background vehicle

Honda VF 750

1985 Honda VF 500 F Interceptor.

Honda CBR600F2 Episode: 04.22

Honda CBR600F2 background vehicle

It's a 1994 Honda CBR 600 F2

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper Episode: 05.06

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper background vehicle

Harley custom chopper

List as just Harley-Davidson or can you recognize the model?

Honda CB360 Episode: 05.07

Honda CB360 background vehicle Honda CB360 wiki

Honda CB750 (on left) Et Kawasaki Z 650 à deroite...

It's a 360

Kawasaki GPZ550 Episode: 06.07

06.07 Kawasaki. Petite cylindrée, genre 250 GPz...

GPZ 550

Kawasaki Z1000 Episode: 07.02

Kawasaki Z1000 background vehicle


Triumph Custom Chopper Episode: 09.22

Triumph Custom Chopper minor vehicle

Triumph Tiger 100 engine ?

Kawasaki GPZ550 Episode: 10.07

GP, c'est un peu court. GP 550z, ça fait mieux, non?

Yamaha Jog Episode: 10.16

Yamaha Jog background vehicle

Some Honda, that's all I know.

My mistake, it says, barely visible, Jog on the side, and that's what it is, a Yamaha: http://www.motorscooterguide.net/Yamaha/Jog/files/yamaha-cy50-jog.jpg

Honda CBR600F Episode: 12.04

Honda CBR 600 new when filmed

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 12.08

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle