Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy poster
Year 1989
Minutes 120
Category Movie
Genres Comedy

"Police Academy" styled film offers its laughs at the expense of students of the obvious school for ninjas.

Suzuki GS450

Suzuki GS450 00:13:44 minor vehicle Suzuki GS450 wiki

A bit of a mystery this one. Looks to be a Yamaha dohc twin from the 1980s. The small drum front brake says it is a small motor - maybe a 250. Mhouais... Ressemble étrangement à une Suzuki GR 650. Bien plus qu'à autre chose??? The motor does look like the Suzuki 650 but those all had disc front brakes.

That motor is a dead ringer for a Suzuki GS450/450T Link to "" not a GR650 Link to "" As is the paintwork Link to "" I just can't find one with a drum front brake