Nihon dasshutsu

As Japan is preparing to host the Olympics, a gang member wanting to go to America is sought after by the police after helping his friend conduct a robbery.

Honda Dream CA77

Dream CA77
minor vehicle

Honda Dream CA77 ? Well, I do think it is a Honda Dream (though not sure whether C70, 71 etc.) like /vehicle_92091-Honda-Dream-C70-1957.html I have the distinct impression that I saw quite often paired Honda Dream and Meguro KP in police road patrols, in the late 50s - early 60s Japanese movies. What do our Japanese contributors think of this impression?

Oh-la-la mais comme c'├ętait bien vu, mon Didi ! Link to "" Actually yes, there was an official order for both Honda CP77 (actually, 305cc) and Meguro 500cc! Now the question is: do really have here a Super Hawk on her CP77 form? Certainly not. This one is still a Dream CA77 (the fork), of a late kind (tubular handle bars). There must be some others, lost among the 'unknown' in our storages.

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Nihon dasshutsu poster

Year 1964
Minutes 96
Category Movie
Genres Action Thriller
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