Mrs. Miniver

The Minivers, an English "middle-class" family experience life in the first months of World War II.

Ariel Square Four 4G

Square Four 4G
background vehicle

possibly same bike I wonder what the car could be? It's different from the Lagonda ( /vehicle_194392-Lagonda-LG-45-1936.html ). Maybe a Delage?? The car looks like a Lagonda to me. Re the bike - the instruments mounted in the top of the tank would suggest it was a Triumph - maybe a prewar model 5S. It does to me, too. Hasn't the same LG45 appeared elsewhere in made-in-Hollywood films with 'British' settings? It's an Ariel Square Four 4G, 1000cc 4 cilinder, I think it has a girder front fork, so it must be built between '36 and '46 We can't see if it's DUO 935 from 'A Matter of Life and Death'. I expect there was more than one Square Four out there, although dear Wiki reminds us that the model was redesigned during 1936 to re-emerge in 1937 as the 997cc machine. Accordingly,if a Square Four 1000, earliest year would be 1937.

A Matter of Life and Death was filmed in England, so it won't be the same bike.

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Year 1942
Minutes 134
Category Movie
Genres Drama Romance War
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