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Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Episode: 2

That look like fun. Snow cannot keep a good biker down in Sweden.

Yamaha YZ125 Episode: 3

While I must admit I don't know Jack about dirt bikes & enduro-bikes, I'm going to have to say this is the DT, just by the color scheme: And I don't think this is a DT-50. I'm sure it has a few more CC's than that. in italy it's a Yamaha YZ 125 or 250 2005 or newer YZ for sure. Unsure if it's a 125 or 250. Maybe someone can zoom in on the rear fender, model is there in white-on-blue.


Jawa 889 Episode: 8

Jawa 889 background vehicle

Jawa 889

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 8

Harley bien sûr mais pourquoi Heritage? Rien ne permet de le dire! Dit dans l'épisode peut-être... Je signalerai des images de lui plus tard quand j'obtiens du travail. Hope that will be right, used babelfish. Will be better in English I think Babelfish usually gives strange results (though that I guess what was the original message) Thought so... The tank is from a Sportster. le libellé complet est Heritage Softail classic

How can you call it a softail when in the thumbnail it clearly has a rigid frame?

Harley-Davidson Road King Episode: 8

Je dirais même plus Road King Classic (avec ses sacoches en cuir)

awesome bike