Year 1979
End 1994
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Adventure Comedy Crime

Jawa Typ M-210 Episode: 10.02

Jawa Typ M-210 minor vehicle

Looks Tomosy to me. Arthur has a shed full but can't make out the name, the MX 'fairing' is quite distinctive -

Jawa Babetta 210 Got the East European bit right.

Honda CB250T Dream Episode: 1.01

Honda CB250T Dream background vehicle


1977-9 Honda CB250T. Known as a Dream in the UK but Hawk in Nth America. This is probably a 250 although a 400 version was also available.

Honda CB 400/4 F2 Episode: 1.03

Honda CB 400/4 F2 background vehicle

the Motorcycle 1977 Honda CB550F.

isn't it a little small/far on that pic?

Triumph Tiger TR7V Episode: 1.10

Triumph Tiger TR7V background vehicle

Remember these been featured in Bike mag and felt sorry for the AA men having to ride around all day on such archaic rattly bikes. Think they soon moved on to BMW R80's What about the Chater Lea outfits? Not as vibratory (and slower) than a period Bonneville but a little more torque, essentially the same bike but with the self destruct dial turned down a bit. I like big 360deg twins, the odd blown bulb and the need for Nylocs and a couple of drips of thread lock is a small price to pay for characterful grunt. Maybe a T 140 D someday, or that US spec SII Interceptor I've been dreaming of since I was 14? The pension lump sum is less than 5 years away! I wanted a Tiger few years ago despite my comments ( but to only use it for odd run out not work !) Apparently the difference in performance is miniscule and undetectable in normal use. However a good disc brake 650 Bonnie T120V came up which I bought it and I really like, quite rare as the Meriden boys only made one months production in Sept 1973 before having a sit in at the factory and going on strike for two years. Those were the days not ! Often wonder that if that strike had not happened NVT may have survived. Tidy, I like it (although my preference is US spec peanut tanks on Bonnies). Interesting comment on NVT, unless they'd managed to progress the 350 Bandit/Fury to a workable production bike (and a 500 version which was modular to 750 triple & 1000cc 4?), they had nothing left otherwise, the Bonnie, Trident & Commando were all end of life developments of prehistoric engines. The Japanese couldn't keep up with demand for hotshot 2 stroke 250's, are you going to buy a Trailblazer or Starfire? Rotary engines are a technological dead end and they manage to bring out a (Morini engined) Sports Moped, just as the market is collapsing. In my alternative history, what was left of the British bike industry did an Austin/Rover and got into bed with a Japanese manufacturer (probably Yamaha, NVT Rambler/Tracker anyone?) and Tony Benn spent our money on a viable business model, not political theory, although that was the Sanglas route and look how that ended? Nope, the industry was rightly dead by the 70's and didn't deserve to survive, Harley were in the exact same situation and only managed to hang on due to trade protectionism and the T shirt, baseball cap and belt buckle revenue. I have a US tank but need to get it painted in that purple which was the only colour for the disc braked T120V's . The Bonnie was still a big seller in 73 specially in US so I do think two years lost sales must have been critical to NVT. Plus the money from selling the Meriden site for housing ( enter John Bloor stage left ) No doubt all of the range was outdated , but if they had survived into the 80s and with better management could NVT have caught the retro/heritage new wave ?

AA man and his Tiger lurking in 3.13

Honda CB250 Episode: 3.02

Honda CB250 background vehicle Honda CB250 wiki

CB 250 RS

Centrepiece in a pub , strange !

Suzuki GSX250 Episode: 3.03

Suzuki GSX250 background vehicle

GSX 250 E/400 E Should we go for GSX 250 E as these were much more common than the 400 ?

I think so, probably the pick of the 4 stroke twins at the time although come the 125 law (and period Suzuki's woeful charging system) they were on the verge of negative value, you'd have to pay someone to take it away. Almost entirely extinct now.

Honda Supercub Episode: 3.03

Honda Supercub background vehicle Honda Supercub wiki

NVB 41L ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 October 1981 MOT No results returned Vehicle make: HONDA Date of first registration: October 1972 Cylinder capacity (cc): 90 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Not taxed Vehicle colour: BROWN Wheelplan: 2-WHEEL Err? Honda 90 Cub

We seem to call them Supercub 90 .....

Honda CB 400/4 F2 Episode: 3.13

Honda CB 400/4 F2 background vehicle

400/4 F2 Foreground is a CB 250 N Superdream and blue is a (6 months only) CB 250-400 T dream.

BMW R80 Episode: 3.13

BMW R80 background vehicle BMW R80 wiki

White Lancia Flavia Coupe on left. And a Singer Vogue S3 in left corner.

Thought Lancia was an old Vauxhall ! Second road block bike looks like a Triumph

Suzuki TS250 Episode: 3.13

Suzuki TS250 background vehicle Suzuki TS250 wiki

TS 125-185-250 ER, they all look the same. How about 250ER as last number looks like 0 ? I'll go with that, I'm on a laptop so the low resolution just blurs when I zoom.

Yes its pretty blurry to me but 33% chance of getting it right!

Triumph T140E Bonneville Episode: 4.11

Almost certainly a Bonneville T140V Zig Zag colours were 1978 to about 81 . Outside chance it is a rarer (similar but single carb) Tiger TR7V but believe black and red were T140V colours . 1979, can't find a Tiger in those colours so T 140 E Bonneville. Agree forgot we were on E for emissions by 78 Note the cases of "Fine Fare" 20W-50 in the background, I didn't realise triumphs leaked that badly.... In all honesty, I'm softening towards Meridan Triumphs with age, a bit of owner involvement is part of the fun, although the SII Interceptor is still top of my big Brit bruiser list. One of the great unused advertising slogans "Fine Fare for the Common Man". Would have made an epic Xmas TV ad, and may even have turned jfs into a prog rock fan ..... TBH that's probably turned me off ELP, all the twiddly bits in the middle have ruined a perfectly good tune. Is this a new form of code? I can’t envision transmogrification into a prog rock fan, I think that musical preferences are probably inherited rather than acquired, and that my dislike of the sound of the electric guitar is enough to stop any further changes from occurring. I wonder if “Fine Fare” 20/50 went well on corn flakes? But surely the definition of prog rock is that it has lots of twiddly bits in the middle?? (although there's an argument that randomly generated lyrics are another pre-requisite). Maybe instead you'll think that this is nice. Nice! Nice? Miss Keates would have had a conniption fit. “Nice is the sort of word used by little boys who have no imagination. Do go away and think again.” BTW, how about checking out the cars in this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=oaEM4JYFPfw Rather dubious statement. Not confirmed by personal experience. Confirmed by mine. Nope, I've still got my vinyl 45 from 1977, without all the twiddly bits. Most prog rock is pretentious bollocks (did I mention I hate Genesis?), I'm an unashamed 70's rock dinosaur, Zeppelin, Exiles' era Stones, a bit of Pub Rock, this lot for a bit of fun and not forgetting, Canvey Island's finest

for the glorious choice of Mott. But music is really just a case of Do Anything You Wanna Do ...

BMW R80RT Episode: 7.03

BMW R80RT minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

R 80 RT P