Midnight Caller

Year 1988
End 1991
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Drama

Royal Enfield Interceptor S1 Episode: 2.22

Royal Enfield Interceptor S1 background vehicle

Puzzling , looks like a vertical twin ,but instruements look like a Guzzi. AJS? I've been fretting this one for a while, it's the clocks and motor that are the clues, the motor looks very much like a big Royal Enfield Constellation/Interceptor and those clocks?? I think this is one of the Royal Enfield (Brockhouse) Indians from '55-'60. Exact model?? It looks to have been lightly modified/customised and lost the full length fork shrouds so could be a Chief, Trailblazer or Apache, this is a '57 Trailblazer, Link to "3.bp.blogspot.com" Link to "3.bp.blogspot.com" What do you reckon?

A bit more info so I might be wrong on the Indian bit, this Link to "www.vintagebike.co.uk" is a Mk1 750 Interceptor, so is this http://www.2040-motos.com/_content/cars/images/75/8875/002.jpg I think it's an S1 or S1a RE 750 Interceptor, nothing to do with Brockhouse or Floyd Clymer.