Messengers poster
Year 1999
Minutes 118
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Drama

Naomi Shimizu is a young career woman working for Enrico Dandolo, an Italian fashion house. That is until one day the company declares bankruptcy. Accustomed to living in luxury she tries to make a run for it with the last remaining company asset, a red Alpha Romeo sports car. Unfortunately she recklessly collides with an bicycle messenger. Lacking any funds to pay for a settlement, she end up having to work as a bicycle messenger.

Honda CB250 Jade

Honda CB250 Jade 01:35:16 chase

It seems that there are two similar ones, visible also here: /vehicle.php?id=230875 Honda 400?

1991-96 Honda JADE. CBR250RR engine.

Honda VT250

Honda VT250 01:32:31 chase Honda VT250 wiki

The one on the left. One of those below, also the one on the left I think: See /vehicle.php?id=230876 for the others.

Left is VT250Z I think. Center and right is Honda Jade. VT250Z

Honda VTR250

Bike in foreground. On the left, a Nissan: /vehicle.php?id=230881 On the right: /vehicle_230908-Toyota-Crown-Comfort.html Possibly Ducati Monster. Being Japan it is possibly a 400.

Not a Ducati. It's a Honda 250 VTR.

Kawasaki ZR-7

Kawasaki ZR-7 01:45:07 chase

Kawasaki ZRX quéqu'chose, nan?

750 Zephir ?