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BSA B31 Episode: 1.02

BSA B31 background vehicle BSA B31 wiki

From the left - cafe racer, Norton feather bed frame and Matchless G85? engine, BSA B31 from about 1951, 1970 Triumph Bonneville.

Harley-Davidson Chopper Episode: 1.02

All of these Choppes is built by the same people. Je regroupe toutes les motos sur base Harley Toutes ces motos possèdent des moteurs Harley. Doit.on les référencer "Custom made" ou "Harley"? Je pense que la marque est "Harley-Davidson" et le modèle "Custom made" I would say Custom Made, everything from frame, tank and frontfork is hand made and/or custom. The engine is problobly a crate engine and have never been mounted on a real Harley (this applays to the bikes in my comment and the one in the main pic, I dont know about the ones you added). Many were listed as "Harley-Davidson Chopper": /vehicles_make-Harley-Davidson_model-Chopper.html I think that it is better to list there as Harley if we are sure that they are based on that, since it allows to find them by searching for Harleys. Custom Made is rather for unidentifiable custom-made vehicles.

red & black one is a Knucklehead. white one is an indian

Norton Dominator Episode: 1.02

From the left - 1970 Triumph Bonneville, modified Norton Dominator from the 1960s (fitted with a Seeley tank?), single cylinder cafe racer - maybe Matchless?

Rickman Metisse Triumph Episode: 1.02

Rickman Metisse Triumph background vehicle

Triumph-powered Rickman Metisse scrambler from the 1960s.

and behind 2 Lambrettas White : Lambretta TV 3rd series Ochre : Lambretta DL

Triumph Speed Twin Episode: 1.02

Triumph Speedtwin 1948-52.

BSA A65L Episode: 1.07

BSA A65L background vehicle

The motor unit is a BSA unit construction twin - either 500cc model A50 or 650cc model A65 from 1963-71. The splayed carbs would suggest it is most likely an A65 Lightning.