Meng gui cha guan

Meng gui cha guan poster
Year 1987
Minutes 88
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Horror

The police station used to be the army club during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. Many Japanese officers committed hara kiri there on V-J Day. The old building thus became a ghost house. Petty thief Ming is detained in the basement. It is the Ghost Festival when ghosts are allowed one night's leave. The Colonel shows up and bites Ming, who becomes a vampire.

Honda CB650

The badge on the cowl reads Shoei, which is a Japanese company that makes motorcycle helmets. They also made motorcycle fairings, saddlebags, and other motorcycle accessories. It doesn't look like they do anymore. It should be an honda, maybe CB 650 (almost like that one : Hong Kong police forces have also used : # Honda CB250 - motorcycle (street version : 1982-2008) # Honda CBX750P - motorcycle (street version : 1984-1988) # Honda VFR800P - motorcycle (street version : 1998-2009) # BMW R850RT - motorcycle

That shape of tank is unique to the CB 250 T & CB 400 T