Marple: The Murder at the Vicarage

Triumph 250

minor vehicle

The hand shift would make it no later than about 1935.

The vehicle details for Triumph DKK 528 are: Date of First Registration 02 10 1936 Year of Manufacture 1936 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 249CC Fuel Type Petrol

Sunbeam Model 9

Model 9
minor vehicle

This is a British bike, sidevalve head, LH-sidecar. BSA as a first guess but needs to check. I have looked long and hard at this bike and I am still not sure just what it is. It is definitely not side valve. It has overhead valves and exhaust pipes on both sides but I think it is a twin port single and not a twin. The shape of the mufflers is distinctive. With girder forks and a large headlight it would date from the late 1930s. It also has a distinctive paint job in gloss black with gold striping which would suggest it is a Sunbeam - possibly a Model 95L. I also think it's a Sunbeam Model 95L (L for lighting) from 1935 because it has a dashboard in the fueltank. Yes I also think it is a Sunbean, but it is not a model 95 as they are single port cyclinder heads on thleft hand side when sitting on it, they also had foot change, this one is hand change, also by 1934 when the 95L and R models came out inverted control levers had finished, also the front brak drum is to small and the tin wear is right for a 95. It would be corect for a model 9 from 1930 to 1933 I ment to say the tin wear is NOT for the 95 models

John, you are right, I overlooked the fact that the Model 95 has the exhaust on the left only and this one clearly is a twinport engine. So it is indeed a Model 9 or 90. I think it has the "dog leg" frontfork (but I cannot be sure with this image) so that, together with the optional dashboard would indicate it was built between '32 and '35

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