Margarita se llama mi amor

Margarita se llama mi amor poster
Year 1961
Minutes 94
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Romance

Margarita is a beautiful and explosive girl studying in the Faculty of Arts somewhere in Galicia. To the chagrin of the rest of the girls in the class, all the boys want to date her, to the point moniker of "the bride of the Faculty". However, who really steals the heart Margarita is another person ...

Royal Enfield Bullet

In last thumbnail (bigger thant this and seen in full screen) I guess some script that can match with, I think, Royal and, under it, another script (unreadable) that could begins with E. That makes me think it could be a Royal Enfield (?). For a minute there, I thought this was for the Trolley car. engine (timing cover) looks also like Royal Enfield

I confirm, Bullet Royal Enfield G type