Manta, Manta

Manta, Manta poster
Year 1991
Minutes 91
Category Movie
Genres Comedy

A not so clever guy called Berti with a Opel Manta (a low budget European sports-coupe from the '80s) gets competition in a street race from a guy with a fast Mercedes, and another slick guy with a Ferrari tries to get his hands on Bertis girlfriend.

Yamaha SR500

it's a YAMAHA as seen on tank

It's a Yamaha SR500

Kawasaki Z1000 Kompressor

Kawasaki Z1000 Kompressor background vehicle

Kawasaki 900 K2 ou 1000 avec compresseur, on dirait... Barber? The yellow car is an Opel Manta (one of the main actors in this movie). The red car next to it is a VW Golf II.

Something for IMFloorMatCleaningDb: the upright grid on the right is for hitting out them.