Man Seeking Woman

Triumph Bonneville T120 Episode: 3.06

Bonneville T120
minor vehicle

68-70 Bonneville T120 It is not a '68 but could be either '69 or '70. Here are pics of the different years; - '68 - - '69 - Link to "" - and '70 - You will notice that the '68 has the front brake cable routed differently and it also has a different tank badge. One way of telling a '69 from a '70 is the mounting of the grab handle behind the seat. Unfortunately here the young woman has her backside in the way. As far as I can determine the 'scallop' paint job seen on many of these was an option. Re the front fender I think the alloy type may have been an option. Many of the UK market bikes have a steel fender in the darker tank colour whereas the '69s seem to have the front fender in the lighter tank colour. Maybe if there is a shot a few frames earlier we might be able to see the grab handle. probably, I would have to check

@nzcarnerd > seems to be a '70:

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Year 2015
End 2017
Minutes 21
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Fantasy Romance
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