Year 2016
Minutes 43
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Drama

Honda CB1000 Episode: 1.02

Honda CB1000 00:34:35 minor vehicle Honda CB1000 wiki

Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade it seems headlights are covered in thumb Link to "" lights more like in 2016 ? Link to ""

Triumph TR20 Tiger Cub Trial Episode: 1.12

Triumph TR20 Tiger Cub Trial 00:05:52 background vehicle

Triumph TR20 trials Cub

Triumph TR 20 Tiger Cub Trial.

Honda CBR500 Episode: 2.11

Honda CBR500 00:24:28 minor vehicle

2014 Honda CBR500R Link to ""

Honda CRF125 Episode: 2.17

Honda CRF125 minor vehicle

(0:00:58 // 0:01:10) Later used by MacGyver as basis for a Geiger counter. Scripts become less and less credible

Honda Crf 125

Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King Episode: 2.18

Electra Glide? (0:16:47 // 0:17:02)

FLHP Road King.

Suzuki TU250 Episode: 3.01

Suzuki TU250 00:34:12 chase

Briefly used to chase /vehicle.php?id=1189588

Suzuki TU 250 X