Love and Bullets

Charles Bronson is out for revenge in this action drama. Jackie Pruit (Jill Ireland) is the girlfriend of notorious gangster Joe Bomposa (Rod Steiger). When it looks as if Jackie's life is being threatened by Bomposa's goons, the FBI moves in to protect her, in hopes that she'll have incriminating evidence that the Bureau can use against Bomposa in court. Veteran agent Charlie Congers (Bronson) is assigned to watch over Jackie, and while it soon becomes obvious that she knows almost nothing about Bomposa that would be of any use to the FBI, he also falls in love with her. However, Bomposa decides that it would be a lot more convenient to have Jackie out of the way, and he orders her to be executed. Bomposa's henchmen manage to slip through FBI security and murder her, but now they have to answer to the angry and vengeful Congers.

Harley-Davidson FLHP Electra Glide Police

FLHP Electra Glide Police
minor vehicle

Electra Glide FLHP

Old main pic:


minor vehicle

Comme le Canada Dry: ça a le goût d'une 100 RS, l'odeur d'une 100 RS, l'allure d'une 100 RS... mais que nenni point: il s'agit d'une R100 S avec le carénage de la RS en option. Les vraies R 100 RS étaient vendues avec des roues alliage et pas à rayons... 1976 R 100 RS (1.version, the aluminum wheels coming later)

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Love and Bullets poster

Year 1979
Minutes 103
Category Movie
Genres Action Crime Drama
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