Look at Life: Beating the Racket

Year 1965
Category Documentary
Genres Documentary Short

BSA A10 Super Rocket

BSA A10 Super Rocket minor vehicle

Early 61 plate (BEW). A10 Super Rocket , with nice period extras except for this experimental silencer !

And 747BEW still around , Old Brit bikes never die Date of First Registration 10 03 1961 Year of Manufacture 1961 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 650cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status SORN in place Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Ariel Arrow

Mid-62 plate. Something Floride-ish on right - any other view? a 250 twin, 2 strok, think it's an Arrow

Yes agree Ariel Arrow