Long Way Round

Year 2004
Minutes 315
Category Non-fiction TV
Genres Adventure Documentary


Ewan McGregor Charley Boorman and Claudio the cameraman (who joins them in Prague because he had to retake and pass his motorbike test again) Taking the new bikes (courtesy of BMW) for a test run before the trip:

Ducati 999 RS Episode: 1

Ducati 999 RS background vehicle

Ducati 999 RS

KTM Adventure 950 Episode: 1

When they were planning the trip they were considering using KTM's but KTM ahd no confidence in the project and pulled out.

Yamaha DT125F Episode: 1

Charley's first bike, at his father's house (Director John Boorman, Deliverance)

Yamaha 125 DTF

KTM Duke II Episode: 1

The black one on the right. KTM Superduke 990 I don't think thats a superduke, just a black duke II C'est bien un KTM Duke II

What's the purple car in the back?

KTM EXC400 Episode: 1

KTM EXC400 minor vehicle KTM EXC400 wiki

F650??? BMW? A la forme du cache-phare, et à la couleur, c'est peut-être une KTM... A vérifier! Après vérification, la forme du garde-boue avant rappelle étrangement une Yamaha. Pas une BMW, c'est sûr... this is for sure a KTM LC4... The "Lightmask" proves it... I'm not sure, but KTM Exc? Defineately a KTM EXC not sure if 2 or 4 stroke

I have a KTM EXC. It's that. The model in the photo has a newer front fender (2004 or newer) but the model is older (2002) http://www.moto.it/listino/ktm/exc-400/index.html?model=4291 It could be a 400 racing...

BMW F650 Episode: 1

Ewan and Charley used these bikes as part of their off-road training. Engine size: 652cc

Suzuki GSF1200 Episode: 1

Bandit (vraisemblablement 600, mais dans le doute...)

I think this is a 1200, twin horns and black engine

KTM LC4640 Adventure Episode: 1

Originally Ewan and Charley were going to get KTM (an Austrian manufacturer of specialized motocross bikes) to back them and provide bikes for their trip, but their executives thought they weren't going to be able to complete the trip, so they went back to BMW.

KTM Supermoto 640 Episode: 1

LC 4 Supermoto 640


Piaggio Vespa ET4 Episode: 1

Piaggio Vespa ET4 minor vehicle

The vehicle details for R153 NGN are: Date of Liability 15 03 2005 Date of First Registration 24 02 1998 Year of Manufacture 1998 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 124CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK

Vespa ET4

Yamaha XTZ660 Ténéré Episode: 1

Yamaha XTZ660 Ténéré background vehicle

XTZ 660 Ténéré (c'est comme le Port-Salut...)

Ural 650 Episode: 2

Ural 650 background vehicle

Dnepr ou Ural, je sais plus... an ural like this? http://www.dnepr-ural.ch/ural.html http://www.moto-moscow.de/Ural/Tourist/3.jpg

Oder sein Brüderchen...

Honda CBR600F Episode: 2

Honda CBR600F background vehicle Honda CBR600F wiki

600 CBR

CBR 600 F-Y

Jawa Typ M-207 Episode: 2

Jawa Typ M-207 background vehicle

It is a Babetta, I think a type 210. It was a very popular type in the '70s and the '80s at the eastern block, but lot of people use it now too, because it is a good and easy construction. It has 50 ccm engine and automatic or two speed transmission. It was madi in Czeskoslovakia. Précision: Babetta n'est que le modèle. La marque est JAWA... si c'en est une... Possible, certes!

No, it isn't a type 210, but 207. I have got a Babetta 207.300. It was made in Czechoslovakia - it's right. The first Babetta (type 28) was made in 1972, then the type 206. After that the type 207 was made in 1975. It has got smaller wheels and rear suspension units. There are more types of 207: 207-200, 207-300, 207-400, 207-500. It was replaced by the model 210 in 1983. The type 210 has got round headlights and the fuel tank is different form, too. Otherwise, Babetta was made to compete the Solex mopeds. So, it's a type 207. P.S. Sorry for my bad English!

BMW F650 Episode: 7

BMW F650 minor vehicle BMW F650 wiki

F 650 GS

BMW R1100S Episode: 7

BMW R1100S minor vehicle BMW R1100S wiki

BMW R 1100 S