L'incruste poster
Year 2004
Minutes 90
Category Movie
Genres Comedy

Suzuki GS500

Suzuki GS500 background vehicle Suzuki GS500 wiki

La moto noire à droite Piaggio LXT 200 Google helps C'est la moto à droite qu'il faut identifier Le Piaggio est déjà répertorié

Oops, sorry my fault - I always confuses "droite" and "gauche" with my weak French knowledge. The bike on the right is a Suzuki. To see by the "S"-logo, and the frame is Suzuki-typical. It looks like my wife's bike, a GS 500 E. It may be a bigger one, too.

Piaggio Hexagon LXT200

Piaggio Hexagon LXT200 background vehicle

Au premier plan un cyclo à identifier

Should be "Hexagon LXT 200"

Yamaha TW125

Yamaha TW125 background vehicle

looks like a suzuki rv125 van van.

Yamaha TW 125...