Les sous-doués

Les sous-doués poster
Year 1980
Minutes 92
Category Movie
Genres Comedy

The story centers around a graduating class of "less-gifted" students in a private Versailles high school. Only a miracle has brought the students this far along, and after a practical joke misfires and the whole school is dynamited, the students are in deep trouble. They have to present themselves in court for their punishment and it could not be worse: If they don't pass their high-school graduation exams, they go to prison!

Gilera 125 Trail

Gilera 125 Trail 00:23:22 chase

Gilera 125 Trail

Honda CB125

Honda CB125 00:04:15 background vehicle Honda CB125 wiki

Honda CB125 about 1972.

CBS plus précisément, et devant, une Motobécane 92

Honda CB750

Honda CB750 01:00:49 background vehicle Honda CB750 wiki

Au choix, de droite à gauche: La grosse noire: Honda 750 CBK (1978), Yamaha 125 DTMX (1980), Honda 250 ou 400 Twin, et le retour de la 125 XLS...

Piaggio Ciao

Each time the guy steals it and resells it to the owner as if it was a new one Another one:

Honda XL125S

Honda XL125S 01:01:21 background vehicle

Late 1970s XL125?

Premier plan: une Suzuki 1000 GS. Ensuite, une Honda 125 XLS (1977), devant, une Yamaha 125 DT, et, entre les deux, on aperçoit le bout du guidon d'une Honda Amigo...