Les fous du stade

Les fous du stade poster
Year 1972
Minutes 80
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Romance Sport

Les Charlots, a French rock group, continue their adventures, in the manner of the Beatles in Hard Day's Night. This is their second adventure. The foursome are on holiday, camping outside a village. The Olympic flame is going to pass through the village. A grocer, charged to prepare a celebration, calls upon the four to help. One of the four falls for the grocer's daughter. However, she runs away after the sportsman carrying the flame. The foursome set of to find her and win her back.

Honda CB 750/4 K0

Honda CB 750/4 K0 01:14:23 minor vehicle

1971 Honda CB750. K2, pattes de phare peinntes et non chromées.

Candy Blue-Green = K0


BMW R69 00:55:56 minor vehicle BMW R69 wiki

I suppose that these are the same ones: 00:25:24 / 01:21:45