Le monocle rit jaune

Ariel 250 Leader

250 Leader
background vehicle

Pour ce genre de motos qui n'est ni un vélomoteur ni une routière il n'y a pas de rubrique. Si, "divers" We dont list these, or do we? It is for the bike in foreground-left, not for the rickshaw Then what was the joke for? He complained that this kind of bike there was no category, but it is not really a joke, it is just that this "misc" category is for special cases like that (if I knew that the use of the " " smiley would lead to so many comments I would have put my usual " " )

Le machin à deux roues (pas le truc à traction humaine, la moto, devant!) me rappelle une Ariel 250 Leader 1958... Rarissime!

Piaggio Vespa GS160

Vespa GS160
background vehicle

trois scooters différents

In the middle : LAMBRETTA LI 3rd series On the right : PIAGGIO VESPA 160GS On the left i'd say a FUJI RABBIT, ther were so many versions and designs !

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Le monocle rit jaune poster

Year 1964
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Thriller
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