Las Verdes Praderas

José is a happily married executive, with children, a flat in Madrid and a house in the suburbs. It's Friday and the weekend seems to follow the usual pattern: football match with mates, travel to the mountains and family visit. Nevertheless, José feels no motivated by his routine, he no longer distinguishes leisure from their obligations, all of which result in an unexpected final decision by his attentive wife.

Kawasaki Z400

minor vehicle

None of the pics give a very good look at the motor but I think this is a Honda CB500T circa 1975-6, the last variant of the dohc CB450. I was thinking in a Kawasaki but only because it looks a long name in the gas tank I presume the date of 1977 is from the reg plate. It could be a Kawasaki KZ400. There are several pics on this site although I have not yet found a good match. I agree it is more likely to be a Kawasaki than a Honda.

Looks like 76 Z400-D3.

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Las Verdes Praderas poster

Year 1979
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama
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