L'armée du crime

This gripping historical drama recounts the story of Armenian-born Missak Manouchian, a woodworker and political activist who led an immigrant laborer division of the Parisian Resistance on 30 operations against the Nazis in 1943. The Nazis branded the group an Army of Crime, an anti-immigrant propaganda stunt that backfired as the team's members became martyrs for the Resistance.

Gnome et Rhone 800 AX2

Gnome et Rhone
800 AX2
background vehicle

I think must be a French Gnome Rhône, but!!

Gnome & Rhône 800 AX2 as built from 1937 to 1939

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L'armée du crime poster

Year 2009
Minutes 139
Category Movie
Genres Drama History War
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