L'amour à vingt ans

Love at Twenty unites five directors from five different countries to present their different perspectives on what love really is at the age of 20. The episodes are united with the score of Georges Delerue and still photos of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Hercules 220 L Episode: 5

220 L
background vehicle

Kreidler Florett ? (And there is another car to add!) The wagon is a 1958+ Opel Caravan [P]. Je vais faire le meilleur usage de cette information. Grand merci, MonAMIke. Sachs engine can be one of the Hercules 220

Agree with Ralph: 1960+ Hercules 220 L (L = fan-cooled Sachs engine, as you can see on the main picture). http://mo-ped.se/werke/herc60x1.htm

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L'amour à vingt ans poster

Year 1962
Minutes 120
Category Movie
Genres Drama Romance
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