Kwik poster
Year 2011
Minutes 115
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Crime

Gi-soo, Myeong-sik and Ah-rom were members of the same notorious motorcycle gang. They enjoyed their days roaming the streets recklessly on the motorcycles. Now, Gi-soo works as a motorcycle delivery man, Myeong-sik is a motorcycle cop and Ah-rom is a pop idol singer. One day, Gi-soo has Ah-rom riding on the back of his motorcycle as he makes a delivery. To his surprise the delivery package explodes. Gi-soo's cellphone rings and he hears a voice telling him that their is another bomb planted in his helmet which Ah-rom is wearing. Gi-soo is ordered to take another delivery. If the delivery is late or he attempts to run away the helmet will explode.

Daelim Citi 100

Daelim Citi 100 00:31:31 minor vehicle

Any not yet listed...

Daelim Citi 100 or Citi 100 A at the left

Daelim Citi Ace

Daelim Citi Ace 00:36:48 minor vehicle Daelim Citi Ace wiki

Daelim Citi Ace /vehicle_192992-Daelim-Citi-Ace.html

Honda NPS50 Zoomer

Honda NPS50 Zoomer 00:29:14 minor vehicle

Probably Honda Zoomer.

@FuegoTurbo: Yes, that was my first thought too.


BMW R1150GS 01:35:41 chase BMW R1150GS wiki

1999-2004 BMW R 1150 GS, but there is a 2005+ R 1200 GS in the first thumbnail...

Daelim VF125

Daelim VF125 00:35:19 minor vehicle

I think it's a Daelim VF125, but some teeny-tiny details make me think otherwise:

I think you're right

Hyosung XRX

Hyosung XRX 00:28:49 chase Hyosung XRX wiki

Hyosung XRX or RX, they are much more popular as RX: The XRX only weighs a few pounds more and has 13 more horses. I'd list it as RX 125 as that is the most common version.

I think for now, Hyosung unknown would be OK - maybe there is some difference I've missed.