Kung Fu Killers

Year 1974
Minutes 72
Category Documentary
Genres Documentary

Honda CB450P

Honda CB450P background vehicle Honda CB450P wiki

HK Police bike From the position of the pipes it is possibly a Honda CB450P.

Note the Austin A60 on the right.

Honda CB77

Honda CB77 background vehicle Honda CB77 wiki

Black bike with the hooded head light fairing. Green sedan above is an Australian Ford Falcon [XY] and Mercedes-Benz is listed here /vehicle_212778-Mercedes-Benz-Unknown.html

The bike has a non-standard hump-backed seat but I think it is a Honda CB77 from 1966-7. There are plenty of similar ones on google images.

Honda SL100

Green bike on left

1972 Honda SL100.

Honda SL125

Silver bike on right. 125 badge in second thumbnail

Honda SL125 1971-74.