A collection of expertly photographed phenomena with no conventional plot. The footage focuses on nature, humanity and the relationship between them.

Yamaha unknown

background vehicle

Peut-être même deux motos différentes: largeur des fourches (ou effet de perspective). Les garde-boues semblent peints, quand la grande majorité étaient chromés alors. Ce qui peut limiter la recherche. Les carénages semblent sortir de chez Vetter, équipementier qui équipait... toutes les marques... Les hauts-moteurs semblent étroits, on ne voit pas les bas-moteurs, garde-boues peints... peut-être Harley-Davidson 1000 XL Vetter? isnt that a ford pinto-face? :-)) martin more specifically an early 70's pinto... The page is for the motorbikes. That windblocker was a generic fibreglass item that could be used on different motorcycles. I see a late 1960's Alfa 'Boattail' spider in the background.. I know the fairings are aftermarket Vetters, but I keep thinking the bikes are Yamahas for some reason. Giving this pic a bump to see if anyone wants to have another go at these motorbikes. Maybe these fairings were made for a specific type of bike, like today. If we can't figure out the bikes, then perhaps this one should be changed for the Ford Pinto behind? (I also see a 1977-only Oldsmobile Delta 88 in the lower right and a 1978-79 Oldsmobile Delta 88 in the back...) (blurry red looks like Alfa Duetto)

These aren't Vetter Windjammers, they're a cheap copy (genuine Vetters have a curve in the lower edge of the screen to match the radius of the headlight). Agreed the bikes look like yamahas though.

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Director Godfrey Reggio
Actors Lou Dobbs, Ted Koppel

Year 1982
Minutes 86
Category Documentary
Genres Documentary Music
Awards 5 wins & 1 nomination.
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