Koordinaty smerti

Coordinates of Death (Russian Title: Koordinaty smerti / Координаты смерти) is a 1985 Soviet-Vietnamese co-production directed by Samvel Gasparov and Nguyen Xuan Chan. Set during the Vietnam War (presumably during Operation Linebacker II in 1972), the film is about a group of Soviet sailors aboard the freighter Chelyabinsk who aid their Vietnamese comrades after their ship is sunk, interspersed with scenes depicting the brutality of Americans towards Vietnamese civilians as seen through the eyes of an actress named Kate Francis (a Jane Fonda analogue).

Ural M-63

background vehicle

Looks like a Russian post-war-BMW-derivate. Dnepr? Ural?

Ural M 63

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Koordinaty smerti poster

Year 1986
Minutes 78
Category Movie
Genres Drama War
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