This is a psychological whodunit. The action is tense and there are many ups and downs. Vas, a young militiaman, has to pose as a ex-prisoner and infiltrate an international gang of smugglers at work in Bulgaria. Vas is involved in shady deals: in a web for smuggling drugs. The traffic in drugs is perfectly organized, every one along the chain is being checked up and shadowed. An elderly gentlemen, a harmless nuisance on the face of it, turns out to be one of the bosses. Vas's role as a double agent, in doing his efforts to become a trusted man among the dangerous criminals, faces him with many trials and he risks his life on several occasions. And no matter how strange it may appear, it is among these people that Vas meets the girl he falls in love with. A beautiful girl is tangled in the traffic web. She also falls in love with Vas. Just like the audience, the girl Sunny is not aware of the true personality of Vas in the racket.

Suzuki GS1100

minor vehicle

Probably a GS1100 with a custom exhaust.

MZ TS250

background vehicle

MZ TS 250? IZh Planeta Sport MZ TS 250 ! Пс глушак слева

MZ, evidently!

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Kombina poster

Year 1982
Minutes 119
Category Movie
Genres Drama Thriller
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