Kare no ootobai, kanojo no shima

Kare no ootobai, kanojo no shima poster
Year 1986
Minutes 90
Category Movie
Genres Drama Romance

Takumi Hashimoto (anti-freeze) is press rider. Freeze the harmonious had twisted and sister-Fuyumi of Sawada senior, was out on a journey aboard one day bike. Meet women and Miyoko that had a strange sense of transparency in the early summer of Shinshu. The return from a trip, before the freeze that broke also Fuyumi, Miyoko appeared. Two people deepen ties gradually. Freezing go to Miyoko and touring took a medium-sized license. Miyoko is increasingly raising an arm, will become addicted to the bike. In accordance with advice of seniors, and freeze an attempt is made ​​to Tozakeyo the Miyoko from the bike. But when she was on hand Nanahan license, and disappear suddenly the figure from the previous freezing ....

Honda CB250

Monocylindre, version à démarreur...

Kawasaki GPZ750

GPZ 750, ou une plus rare Turbo?

Yamaha SR400

Yamaha SR400 minor vehicle

SR 400?

It's definitely an SR, I don't think 500's were sold in the Japanese home market so it must be a 400.

Kawasaki W2 SS650

650 W 1 SS?

Nearly, it has separate clocks (not built into the headlamp) so it's a W2

Kawasaki W3

Called 650RSW3 in the movie. Should we call it here?

From reading here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_W_series - this bike is one from the final series of this model - twin disc front brakes etc. It could be called either a W3 or an RS 650.