Kamen Raidâ Burakku Aru Ekkusu

Year 1988
End 1989
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Drama

Suzuki RGV250 Gamma Episode: 1

Suzuki RGV250 Gamma main character

Suzuki RGV250Γ 1988-89

It's actually 1988 only since the episode was aired in 1988 no wonder why they changed from the previous bike: /vehicle_978518-Suzuki-GSX-R-250-1987.html Ep. 2: Ep. 6: Ep. 7: Ep. 8: Ep. 12: Ep. 14: Ep. 31:

Honda XL Episode: 1

Honda XL minor vehicle

Honda XL's

Honda XR250 Episode: 1

Honda XL's

XR. 250?

Suzuki RH250 Episode: 2

Suzuki RH250 main character

Evolves form of Battle Hopper it is now speaking coherent Japanese in Ep. 1 : Ep. 4: Ep. 7: Ep. 11: Ep. 27:

Two Variants: Transformed into Roboizer in Ep. 15: Transformed into Mach Jabber in Ep. 17: Ep. 19: Ep. 37:

Honda XL500 Episode: 31

Honda XL500 chase minor vehicle Honda XL500 wiki

Honda XL 250/500