Kamen Raidâ 555

Year 2003
End 2004
Category Mini-Series
Genres Action Drama Fantasy

Honda CB400 Episode: 1

Honda CB400 minor vehicle

CB400 Super Four (VTEC Spec 2)

Honda FTR223 Episode: 1

Honda FTR223 minor vehicle

RV 200 VanVan Honda FTR223 Most definitely Yet another home market bike we never saw here. No big loss, however, I dare say. It's just a bit too "retro"-esque. I like it, looks like a proper motorbike, an XR600 engined version would be fun

The 600cc-version would be great indeed, but in this version, it looks rather cartoon-ish despite its mechanical merits IMHO.

Honda CB1000SF Episode: 14

CB 1000 Big One

Ep. 15: Ep. 18:

Honda VT750 Shadow Episode: 14

Honda VT 750 Shadow

Ep. 15: Ep. 26:

Honda CB1300 Episode: 15

Nice to see how this bike reminds me of ED-209 from Robocop or Megazord: Ep. 17: Ep. 21:

Yamaha XVS DragStar Episode: 15

Yamaha XVS DragStar minor vehicle

XVS DragStar

Honda RC35 Episode: 2

Honda RC35 minor vehicle

VFR 750 P

Ep. 5:

Honda XR250 Episode: 2

Honda XR250 main character Honda XR250 wiki

Ep. 10: Ep. 23:

Honda TA02 Episode: 20

Honda TA02 minor vehicle

Honda GYRO CANOPY [TA02] 1990-99 model

Ep. 21:

Honda CB400 Episode: 26

Honda CB400 chase

Honda CB 400 SS

Honda XL125 Varadero Episode: 26

Honda XL125 Varadero background vehicle

Honda XL 125

Kawasaki VN800 Vulcan Classic Episode: 3

Kawasaki VN 800 Vulcan Classic

Honda XR250 Episode: 3

Honda XR250 main character Honda XR250 wiki

Interesting how this motorcycle transformed into Megazord like from Power Rangers Ep. 4: Ep. 5: Ep. 9: Ep. 32:

Honda Forza 250 Episode: 35

Honda Forza 250

Kawasaki KLR650 Episode: 44

Kawasaki KLR 650

All terrain sports would be the correct class. 1987+

Honda NSS250 Reflex Episode: 5

Ep. 13:

It's a Honda NSS 250 K01-07.

Honda CBF500 Episode: 7

Ep. 8 for flashback:

Honda CBF500

Suzuki GS400 Episode: 7

Not a Honda, I think it's a Suzuki GSX 400 Impulse I agree.

Ep, 8: