Johnny Stecchino

Good hearted but not very wordly-wise, Dante is happy driving the school bus for a group of mentally handicapped children, while feeling he is somehow missing out on life and love. So he is very excited when after nearly being knocked down by her car he meets Maria, who seems immediately enamoured of him. He is soon invited to her sumptuous Palermo villa, little suspecting that this is part of a plot. He bears an amazing likeness to Maria's stool-pigeon gangster husband and it would be convenient for them if the mobster, in the shape of Dante, was seen to be dead and buried.

Honda VF750

background vehicle

Honda 750 4 cylindres en Vé modèle: trou de mémoire, VFC ? Looks like it. Honda VF750C - current from 1982 to late '80s. Like this one The exact model designation would possibly be different in US and Europe. commonly referred to as a Honda V45 Magna, Comments?

If this movie was made in Europe perhaps we should use the European designation - whatever that was. As far as I know we didn't see this model in NZ.

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Johnny Stecchino poster

Year 1991
Minutes 102
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Crime Romance
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