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Honda CBR1000 Fireblade

It's either a Fireblade or a CBR600rr, some things don't work though like the polished alternator cover and the gearshift linkage, not sure

Best I can come up with is 2007 CBR 100 RR 'blade just by the cutout slot in the fairing, 06 & 08 fairings were different, 600's had different shaped sidepanels. The gearshift linkage must be aftermarket rearsets as is the alternator cover. According to the Fireblade forum, even years had polished alloy frames, odd years had satin black. although this being the far east market, all bets could be off?

Honda CBR1000 Fireblade Episode: 25

Honda CBR1000 Fireblade minor vehicle

'09 Fireblade, CBR 1000 RR.