Jennifer Lopez: First Love

Year 2014
Minutes 5
Category Music Video
Genres Music Short

Kawasaki W650

Whatever it is, it won't get very far with that rear tire... Base Honda CB 350? Oui, ça ressemble vaguement à une CB350. Toutefois, je remarque que la chaîne de cette moto se trouve du côté droit. Sur la plupart des motos japonaises (sinon toutes?) et, certainement sur la CB350, la chaîne est du côté gauche. De plus, qu'est-ce que ce gros disque chromé juste au-dessus du genou du pilote? Beaucoup trop gros (et pas la bonne forme) pour cacher les rupteurs d'une Honda de cette époque. Enfin, la selle ne fait pas très Honda. If you go back to the 'movie' page there is a close up pics of the right side of the engine which show it is a Kawasaki W650 - probably a Year 2000 model because of the dates of US sales - Nice work nzcarnerd! After reading your last post, I just realized that the original picture of the bike had been "reversed". If you look at it, you'll notice that the bevel drive for the camshaft (the top of which appears as a bright disk just above the rider's knee), the drive chain and the disk brake are all on the "wrong" side! As I understand that all Japanese bikes have their drive chains on the left, that really trew me off when I first looked at the picture; I thought the bike was British!. Again, bravo!

Thank you.