Jay Leno's Garage

Year 2006
Minutes 4
Category Non-fiction TV
Genres Documentary

Honda CB72

Honda CB72 minor vehicle Honda CB72 wiki

CB 77 (305) or CB 72 if 250

It's a Honda CB 72. 250 is registered under the logo Honda.

Ace Four

Ace Four minor vehicle Ace Four wiki

Looks to be an Ace four from around 1922. Link to "www.scootergoods.com"


BMW K100

BMW K100 minor vehicle

K 100 customisée (moche...)

BMW K1200 KAgusta

Looks to be a K100 engine mounted in a custom frame - EGLI maybe? Note the drum brakes front and rear giving it an early 1970s retro look. Vue de près, ils ont bien réussi à l'enlaidir encore... This is The BMW K 1200 KAgusta built by Larry Romestant http://specialks.net/models/k1200-kagusta/

I think the class should be 'Bikes, Custom'

BMW K75 Bomb

BMW K75 Bomb minor vehicle

Série K. Celle de gauche (réservoir chromé, quoique un brin bling-bling...), mais les autres témoignent d'un mauvais goût tout à fait sûr!

K 75 Bomb built by Larry Romestant http://specialks.net/models/k75-bomb/ Another of his builds in the background, red/yellow K 1200 Beast http://specialks.net/models/k1200-beast/

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

I've been thinking. Perhaps someone should make a new category for concept and prototype motorcycles, since they don't exactly fit the 'Class: Cars, Proto / Concept' category, since they're bikes, not cars. Call it 'Class: Bikes, Proto / Concept'. That said, this is not a production motorcycle, but a prototype that's being made available for test rides at various dealers.

There is a "misc" category for bikes, I guess it can go there.

Henderson Model KJ

Henderson Model KJ minor vehicle

Henderson think KJ Model

Yes, good find 1931 Henderson KJ origin: USA Link to "www.jaylenosgarage.com"

Velocette Thruxton

Velocette Thruxton...Excellent classic motorcycle