Inspektor Kuper

Year 2012
Minutes 1100
Category TV Series
Genres Crime

Honda CB1000 Episode: 1.08

3 stars. Honda ? REPSOL livery is associated with therm I think it's SOLVED Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade Link to "" maybe this could be something for GAMER, solving modern bikes ... at least this "superbike" ones

I've been trying to solve Chinese Cr*p scooters and Chinese copied cars.

Honda CB1000SF Episode: 3.02

Honda CB1000SF minor vehicle

CB 1000 SF

Honda CB750 Episode: 3.02

CB 750 Seven-Fifty, around '04

Kawasaki ZZR600 Episode: 3.03


ZZR 600, mid-late 90's.