Il testimone deve tacere

De Luca is killed by Marchetti's chauffeur. Marchetti ordered the murder because he was to be accused by De Luca. The two have a car accident while going home to get an alibi. There is a witness, Sironi, who calls the police. But when the police arrive the car has gone and so have the two men. Inspector Santi and young judge Novelli look into the strange case. Marchetti, however, is a powerful man and Sironi and his family begin to be obsessed first by threats then by assaults.

Kawasaki H1

minor vehicle

The paintwork on the tank is 1972 H1B but the mudguards should be matching colour. The 1 piece exhausts and chrome mudguards would indicate a later bike (H1D onwards) fitted with an earlier tank and seat as the tail piece behind the seat is missing. Hybrid Kawasaki H1, mostly H1D with HIB tank/seat.

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Il testimone deve tacere poster

Year 1974
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Action Crime Drama
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