Ikidomari no Banka: Brake out

Ikidomari no Banka: Brake out poster
Year 1988
Minutes 111
Category Movie
Genres Action Drama

An accidental shooting on the job and a recent divorce take a toll on the personal and professional life of a Japanese detective. Just as it seems he can't go any lower, he is suspended from the force for disregarding orders to halt his criminal investigation of a Congressman. However, even this setback won't stop the determined cop from getting to the bottom of the scandal.

Yamaha 2KR

Yamaha 2KR background vehicle

Yamaha FZR250 [2KR] 1986-87

Yamaha 3HX

Yamaha 3HX minor vehicle

Yamaha FZR250 [3HX] 1988y

Yamaha 46X

Yamaha 46X minor vehicle

Yamaha FZ400R [46X] 1984-85

Honda CB750

Pretty certain it's a Honda, I'm thinking '79-83 CB750F or 900F, it's those 2 horns under the headlight. Link to "www.cmsnl.com"

Suzuki RG250

Kawasaki 250 KR 1-S?

Suzuki RG250Γ 1983-84

Suzuki TS

Suzuki TS minor vehicle

Suzuki TSC 250?

1979 "N" model TS, not sure about 250 though.

Honda XLR250 Prolink minor vehicle

Honda, vraisemblablement XLR 250 Prolink...