Identité judiciaire

Identité judiciaire poster
Year 1951
Minutes 90
Category Movie
Genres Crime Drama

Identite Judiciare stars Raymond Souplex as wily French police inspector Basquier. The villain is Berthet (Jean Debucourt), a high-ranking government official. Basquier suspects that Berthet is a vicious murderer, but is unable to prove anything thanks to bureaucratic interference. Thus, the good inspector plays a waiting game a la Columbo, hoping for that one fatal slip on the part of the killer. Certain portions of Identite Judiciare proved a bit too intense for American audiences, and were accordingly snipped by the censors.

Triumph 3T

Triumph 3T 01:32:22 minor vehicle

Hope an identification soon by the specialist around here can't do much better choice of pictures Triumph Speed Twin ? Triumph 3T as built between 1945 and 1952

Very beautiful main pic!