I guappi non si toccano

I guappi non si toccano poster
Year 1979
Minutes 93
Category Movie
Genres Crime

Laverda 250 LH2

Laverda 250 LH2 00:41:10 minor vehicle

Husqvarna based Laverda (LH = Laverda-Husqvarna) but heavily modified by Laverda. So i'm not shure if it is still of Swedish origin. La peinture, la peinture! Et un peu d'habillage. C'est à peu près tout...

Husqvarna furnished the engines, Laverda modified them (other carburators), build the motorbikes around the Husqvarna engine, indeed similar to Huaqvarna.

Honda CB750

Honda CB750 01:29:17 minor vehicle Honda CB750 wiki

Co-driver with a Bertone designed Helmet. https://thestreetsofturin.wordpress.com/tag/bertone/

A bit of a squeeze 2 up, too small for a 750, I reckon 500 or 550, not factory paint so hard to tell.