I Cesaroni

Year 2006
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Drama Family

Piaggio Vespa ET Episode: 1.01

Piaggio Vespa ET background vehicle

Piaggio Vespa ET.

Piaggio Liberty Episode: 1.04

Piaggio Liberty background vehicle

Trio of Piaggio Liberties - two older ones and a newer one.

Aprilia ST150 Leonardo Episode: 1.04+

Aprilia ST150 Leonardo main character

It's an Aprilia Leonardo ST 150.

BMW R850R Episode: 1.05

BMW R850R minor vehicle BMW R850R wiki

BMW R 850 R

Moto Guzzi Breva V750 Episode: 1.08+

Guzzi Breva V750

BMW R1150GS Episode: 1.09

BMW R1150GS background vehicle BMW R1150GS wiki

R 1150 GS? 2000 BMW R 1150 GS

ep 1.01: (left)

Aprilia Scarabeo Episode: 1.09

Aprilia Scarabeo.

Yamaha T-Max 500 Episode: 1.12

Yamaha T-Max 500 background vehicle

Italjet Dragster?

It's a Yamaha TMax 500.

Honda SH50 Episode: 1.13

Honda SH50 chase

Honda SH 50.

ep 1.18:

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 1.16

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

Piaggio Beverly Episode: 1.18

Piaggio Beverly background vehicle

Piaggio Beverly.

Honda SH50 Episode: 1.18+

Honda SH50 chase

Honda SH 50.

Honda SH Episode: 2.02+

Honda SH chase

Honda SH.

Others: ep 1.15 (not sure for the ep of the first one, my bad, I deleted it too quickly, but it is not much worth listing anyway)

Suzuki Burgman Episode: 2.05

Suzuki Burgman background vehicle Suzuki Burgman wiki

It's a Suzuki Burgman 250/400.

Honda Foresight Episode: 2.05

Honda Foresight background vehicle

It's a Honda Foresight 250.

Yamaha Majesty 400 Episode: 2.06

Yamaha Majesty 400 background vehicle

It's a Yamaha Majesty 400. what's so majestic about it ?

It made you laugh mike962, I'd call it pretty majestic just because of that

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 2.06

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

Honda Dylan Episode: 2.08

Honda Dylan background vehicle

The (Freewheelin') Honda Dylan.

Aprilia SportCity 125 Episode: 2.08

The silver on the right is a Honda SH, but the black one...never seen anything like it before!

It's an Aprilia Sportcity (125/200).

Honda Pantheon Episode: 2.17

Honda Pantheon.

Honda Sky50 Episode: 2.18

Honda Sky50 background vehicle

Piaggio Liberty I'm not so sure...

It's a Honda Sky 50.

Honda SH125 Episode: 2.22

Honda SH.

Yes !! The 125/150.

Yamaha Versity Episode: 3.02

Yamaha Versity minor vehicle

It's a Yamaha Versity 300.

Piaggio Zip 50 4T Episode: 3.02

Piaggio Zip 50 4T minor vehicle

Piaggio Zip. http://databikes.com/imgs/a/b/w/t/a/piaggio__zip_125_2004_1_lgw.jpg

Yes. It's a Piaggio ZIP 50/100 4T.

Malaguti F-12 R Episode: 3.02+

Malaguti? Malaguti F-12R Phantom

Yes. It's the Tribal edition.

Benelli Pepe Episode: 3.03+

Never seen anything like this before... Is it a Piaggio badge the one over the headlight? It's a Benelli Pepe 50 LX.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepe_the_Frog ? Sorry, I immediately thought of that when I saw that name...

Honda Hornet 600 Episode: 3.05

Honda Hornet 600 background vehicle

BMW R1100R Episode: 3.07

BMW R1100R minor vehicle BMW R1100R wiki

BMW R 1100 R?

Lambretta LD125 Episode: 3.10

Really? It looks more Lambrettish than Vespish to me.

It's a Lambretta LD 125 (1956-57).

Malaguti F-12 Episode: 3.17+

It's a Malaguti F12 Phantom 50.

BMW F800ST Episode: 3.24

BMW F800ST background vehicle BMW F800ST wiki

It's a BMW F800 ST.

Honda Shadow 600 Episode: 4.01

Honda Shadow 600 background vehicle


Yamaha YZF-R6 Episode: 4.03

It's a Yamaha R6.

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Episode: 4.04+

It's an Aprilia Scarabeo 50.

Aprilia AF1125 Futura Replica Episode: 4.06

IT's an Aprilia 125 AF1 Futura Replica.

Aprilia RS125 Episode: 4.06

These are Aprilia RS 125.

BMW F650 Episode: 4.10

BMW F650 background vehicle BMW F650 wiki

BMW F650

Aprilia RS125 Episode: 4.10

It's an Aprilia RS 125.

Suzuki Burgman Episode: 4.11

Suzuki Burgman background vehicle Suzuki Burgman wiki

Only one I am absolutely sure on is the red one on far left, which is a Piaggio Hexagon. The red one with the broken rear light is a Suzuki Epicuro 125/250.

The silver one is a Suzuki Burgman 250/400.

Aprilia RS125 Episode: 4.11

It's an Aprilia RS 125.

Triumph Bonneville Episode: 4.20

Hinckley Bonneville

Yamaha X-City 125 Episode: 5.01

Yamaha X-City 125 background vehicle

It's a Yamaha XCITY 125/250.

Piaggio Liberty 125 Episode: 5.02

Piaggio Liberty 125.

Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Episode: 5.02

It's an Aprilia Scarabeo 50.

Honda SH300 Episode: 5.02

Honda SH300 background vehicle

It's a Honda SH300.

Honda SH125 Episode: 5.03

It's a Honda SH 125/150.

Yamaha Versity Episode: 5.04

Yamaha Versity background vehicle

It's a Yamaha Versity 300.

Honda SH125 Episode: 5.06

Honda SH125 background vehicle Honda SH125 wiki

It's a Honda SH 125/150.

Honda Sky50 Episode: 5.08+

Honda Sky50 chase

It's a Honda Sky 50.

Honda Sky Episode: 5.12

Honda Sky background vehicle

Honda Sky.

Yes, it is !!!

Yamaha Versity Episode: 5.12

Yamaha Versity background vehicle

These are Yamaha Versity 300 and Honda SH 125/150.

Harley-Davidson FLHS 1340 Episode: 5.14

Harley - enclosed rear shock, disc front brake and maybe(??) chain drive. Very similar in style to this one - Link to "www.motorcyclespecs.co.za" Date late 1970s or maybe early 1980s.

Honda SH125 Episode: 5.15

Honda SH125 background vehicle Honda SH125 wiki

Honda SH.

Yes !! The 125/150.

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 5.16+

Piaggio Vespa main character

deleted comment

Honda SH125 Episode: 5.17

Honda SH125 background vehicle Honda SH125 wiki

It's a Honda SH 125/150

Honda SH Episode: 5.18

Honda SH background vehicle

Honda SH.

Honda SH125 Episode: 6.02+

Honda SH125 main character Honda SH125 wiki

Honda Scoopy SH 125.

Honda Integra 750 Episode: 6.04+

It's a Honda Integra 750.

Yamaha Majesty 250 Episode: 6.06

Yamaha Majesty 250 background vehicle

It's a Yamaha Majesty 250.

Yamaha WR250 Episode: 6.08+

Yamaha Wr 250x

Honda SH300 Episode: 6.10

Honda SH300 background vehicle

Honda SH 300i and Piaggio Liberty. I'll take the Liberty/liberty.

BMW R26 Episode: 6.11

BMW R26 minor vehicle BMW R26 wiki

R26 or 27.

Honda SH125 Episode: 6.11

Honda SH125 background vehicle Honda SH125 wiki

The white one is a Honda SH 300. The other one is the Honda SH 125/150.

Honda CB500 Four Episode: 6.11+

Honda CB500 Four minor vehicle

500/4 K0 or K1 in Candy Garnet Brown. Paid £100 for mine in that colour, crap brakes & knackered suspension, thrashed it to death. Great Fun!

Honda SH Mode Episode: 6.12

Honda SH Mode (low-cost, less powerful version of the big 150 and 300 models)