I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle poster
Year 1990
Minutes 101
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Horror

When a motorbike gang kills an occultist, the evil spirit he was summoning inhabits a damaged bike. The bike is then bought and restored, but reveals its true nature when it tries to exact vengance on the gang, and anyone else who gets in its way.

Honda CB500

Yamaha wheels, but based on '75-76 Honda CB500T (by the vending angle of exhaust pipes)

Honda CB650

Kawasaki Z1 about 1978. Still trying to sort out these Kawasaki models - trying to decide if this is a Z750LTD from 1980 or a Z1000LTD from 1977. As far as I can work out the original Z1 (900) became the Z900 in about 1975 and the Z1000 in 1977. These will be British market models which may differ from other markets. Honda 650 CBC. Avis à qui trouve un "quatre pattes" Kawa SOHC, moi, j'connais pas...

It's a Honda CB650SC Nighthawk, I had a brand new one in July '83.

Norton Commando 850

With those mufflers I almost want to say it's a MkIIA (late 74). I think the side shot of the airbox confirms this.

Triumph Custom Chopper

La rouge, chopper sur base Kawasaki Z 750 B, on dirait...

That's a Triumph engine, Triumph custom chopper

Suzuki GS1000

Honda. CM 500 Custom This is one of the bigger dohc fours from the early '80s. Either a 1980 CB900 Custom http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_cb900c%2082.htm or maybe the 750 version of the same. Heureusement qu'une petite vérif... C'est pas une Honda? Pas du tout. Suzuki, plutôt, 750 ou 1000, culasse caractéristique, forme de rééservoir itou, parlons pas du reste...


Norton Interpol 2

1990 Norton Commander Police. I would take the date in the link with a grain of salt. http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/norton/norton_commander_police.htm The motorcycle pictured above is neither a Commando or a Commander.. it is a 1980's Norton Interpol II which is an aircooled Wankel Rotary 588cc bike. Norton used a BMW fairing so that the bike would look the same as the BMW if used side by side. The earlier original 1970's Norton Interpol was based on a piston engined Norton Commando. The later 1990's Norton Commander used Nortons watercooled Wankel Rotary 588cc engine. Plate looks like JVP 277W in Stronghold's last thumb: Registration number: JVP 277W ✓ SORN ✗ No MOT Expired: 04 November 2016 Vehicle make NORTON Date of first registration June 1993 Year of manufacture 1993 (so why the 1980/81 registration?) Cylinder capacity (cc) 588 cc Fuel type PETROL Vehicle colour SILVER From: http://www.nortonownersclub.org/models/rotary So this would be a pre-production one assuming a genuine plate. As it is still out there somewhere maybe someone can tell us more? Unless, of course that plate is from another Norton...

"NORTON JVP 277W - Motorcycle information: This 1993 MAKE UNKNOWN on numberplate JVP 277W was first registered on 14 June 1993 near Birmingham. It had been previously registered under K826 XFD. At an estimated 282,000 miles this car has done an average number of miles for its age. This motorcycle had 1 previous owners before the current keeper acquired it. It was painted white previously.". As the film date is 1990, either K826 XFD was not the first plate applied to this bike, or as Sandie says JVP 277W has lived on more than one Norton.

Honda JC06

Honda JC06 background vehicle

'82- Honda CB125T Super Dream with aftermarket fairing. http://www.mcpoolen.se/images/mc-honda-83-cb125t-silver.gif

Honda PA50 Camino

Honda PA50 Camino background vehicle

the passing moped

Honda Camino???Or Peugeot?

Honda Super Dream 250

Honda Super Dream 250 minor vehicle

another seen in the background

Ou plus vraisemblablement 400 N? Plus logique attelée, le 250 n'étant pas vraiment le moteur idéal pou tracter un panier...

Yamaha V50 Stepthru

Yamaha V50 Stepthru background vehicle

It is a 50cc stepthru - don't know the model code yet. The white bike with a blue stripe in the background in this shot is a 1980 Yamaha RD250LC.


Kawasaki Z750

Another mystery Kawasaki - possibly either a Z750 or Z1000 from the late '70s or a bit later.