Hustruer III

This mellow comedy is the third entry in filmmaker Anja Breien's "Wives" series and stars the same three actresses who appeared in the first two. This episodic film begins with flashbacks to the 1975 film Wives and scenes from 1985's Wives: Ten Years Later. Now ten more years have passed and they are comfortably ensconced in middle age. They have gathered to hold a surprise birthday for Kaja aboard an Oslo streetcar. The three haven't seen each other in ages and much of the story focuses on their discussions of their disparate lives. Every word, smile and tear they share affirms the depth of their lasting friendship.

Jawa 350 Chopper

350 Chopper
minor vehicle

Merke og modell: JAWA 350 CHOPPER Registreringsnummer: CV 9189 Understellsnummer: 611044 Registreringsår: 1995 Sist godkjent: (Ikke kontrollert) Frist for kontroll: Avregistrert siden 05.03.1997

Honda VF1100 Custom

VF1100 Custom

Merke og modell: HONDA VF 1100 CUSTOM Registreringsnummer: HU 3983 Understellsnummer: SC122000230 Registreringsår: 1983 Sist godkjent: (Ikke kontrollert) Frist for kontroll: Dette kjøretøyet er fritatt fra EU-kontroll.

Honda V65 Magna!!!!

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Hustruer III poster

Year 1996
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama
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