Year 1984
End 1991
Minutes 48
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Kawasaki KZ1000P Episode: 1.10

Kawasaki Polise 1000

Honda VF1000 Episode: 1.10

Honda VF1000 chase

Honda VFR 750

Mhouais... VFF, à la limite...

Suzuki Intruder Episode: 2.10

Suzuki Intruder minor vehicle

Suzuki Intruder 400 or 800

Honda XLS Episode: 2.10

Honda XLS minor vehicle

i think Honda XL-S typical front wheel in 23 inch.

Reckon it's a Yamaha XT- the front brake cable is in front of the fork, XL's are behind. Also,indicators are round like XT.

Harley-Davidson Wide Glide Episode: 2.22

Dyna FXR I think but I need to check. Why is there always a pane of glass in the middle of the road?

Harley Davidson FXWG Wide Glide as built in 1983 and 1984

Kawasaki GPZ750 Episode: 3.08

Kawasaki GPZ750 background vehicle

1982 Kawasaki GPZ 750

Honda CB450P Episode: 3.12

Honda CB450P background vehicle Honda CB450P wiki

Scene set in Australia. Kawasaki probably.

They're CB 450 Hondas

Honda XR350 RFVC Episode: 3.20

Honda XR350 RFVC minor vehicle

Honda XR

second picture left Yamaha TT350,right XR350 RFVC

BMW K100RS Episode: 4.02


Suzuki VS750 Episode: 4.02

Suzuki VS 750 Intruder

Kawasaki KZ1000A1 Police Episode: 4.10

Kawasaki KZ1000A1 Police background vehicle

I am not sure but I suspect that the bike on the right is a standard civilian model Z 1000 (or maybe a smaller model?) modified for police work rather than the heavy duty specialized Z 1000 P model.

The bike on the right is the C model that was the predessor to the P model on the left. The one on the right was the "CHiPs" model.

Kawasaki KZ1000C4 Episode: 4.10

Kawasaki KZ1000C4 background vehicle

Harley-Davidson Wide Glide Episode: 5.08


Wide Glide front end, FXWG.

Honda CL350 Episode: 5.11

can be a HONDA CL 350 K2 SCRAMBLER

Honda CL77 Episode: 5.11

Honda CL77 minor vehicle Honda CL77 wiki

Honda CL 77

Suzuki GS400 Episode: 6.10

Suzuki badge on the fuel tank? Maybe GSX 250 or 400?? No, it's a Suzuki GN. Si GN, c'est le monocylindre, alors c'est pas une GN... Ici, c'est le moteur de la GSX 250 ou 400... In USA so must be 400 , GSX400L ?

Bien possible...

Honda CMX Rebel Episode: 6.12

Honda CMX Rebel minor vehicle

This has been a bugger to find, the colour is misleading, it's not in factory paint. Honda CMX 450 Rebel, '87 model with the indicators mounted on the handlebars

Honda CB700SC Nighthawk Episode: 7.07

Honda CB700SC Nighthawk background vehicle

Déjà sortie récemment, cette Honda... Honda Nighthawk 700S (CB700SC) as built between 1984 an 1986 sauf qu'elle est dérivée en droite ligne de la CBX 650 de 1983...

Honda CBR1000 Episode: 7.07

Honda CBR1000 minor vehicle

Honda 1000 CBR ?


Honda Elite Episode: 7.07

Honda Elite background vehicle

Yamaha FJ1100 Episode: 7.07

Yamaha FJ1100 background vehicle Yamaha FJ1100 wiki

Yamaha FJ1100 easy, write on!

Honda Shadow Episode: 7.07

Honda Shadow background vehicle Honda Shadow wiki

may be Honda Shadow

Honda Spree Episode: 7.07

Honda Spree background vehicle Honda Spree wiki

Le p'tit noir, mystère. Honda Lead? Derrière, un bout de nez de Honda Spacy. Et, stationnées derrière, une VF 1000 C, une 750 VFF (de chez Honda) et ce qui semble être le bout du nez d'une Yamaha 1100 FJ...

Honda Spree: